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Being the prestigious center for local and international businesses

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Empowering businesses to connect globally and prosper locally

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- One Global Network - Branded Business Facilities - Integrated Business Services

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Founded in 2020, World Trade Center Kabul is a business organization and licensed member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) based in New York USA. WTC Kabul is a service hub where people meet, discuss ideas, forge connections, and it is the prestigious address for local and international business. As part of the network of 320+ World Trade Centers in over 90 countries, we help companies improve their export, import, investment and service performance and grow their business globally. Through our global network of WTCA which connects us to over one million affiliated businesses, we help the privet sector to expand the reach and make a global impact.

We work to create jobs and wealth through promoting international trade and investment by providing advocacy, high-end business facilities, integrated trade services and key global contacts for local and international businesses; as well as supporting a prosperous business climate.

OUR SERVICES and Facilities
What We Offer for You

WTC Kabul members utilize the services and facilities of all 322 World Trade Centers at their member rates. We receives trade missions and leads business delegations to key global markets to promote international trade & investment. We act as regional window of trade & investment for international partners focusing on matchmaking opportunities. Since WTC Kabul brand property is under development, we offer limited facilities with number of services through our current office, our local partners and global networks.

Supporting policy and projects to promote global opportunities.....
We provide the information and resources to help you advance your knowledge.....
Developing business skills by providing professional education programs.....
Bringing together private and public sector leaders to help grow businesses. We connect you to the world through WTC’s....
The World Class Facilities catering to the entire spectrum of needs of world trade and business....
Diplomatic engagement
As the world’s trusted business organization, we facilitate your connection with embassies and consulates...

1. This is your World Trade Center, the hub of international commerce where business leaders and entrepreneurs come to connect, collaborate and succeed. Through our network you will be connected to over 90 countries, 320+ cities and around 1 million members.
2. Through training courses and focused education programs, information and expert consulting, we give you the tools and expert advice to choose your markets strategically.
3. We help you to increase revenues and operational efficiencies as you expand and to navigate regulations and trade policies so you can thrive on the global stage.
4. We provide the gateway to new local and international business opportunities and collaboration, by hosting and organizing trade missions, matchmaking and networking events, exhibitions, and international conferences.
5. WTC Kabul also serves as a resource hub for companies around the world seeking trade and investment opportunities in Afghanistan.

OUR Team
Meet Our Management Team

Our professional team at WTC Kabul is here to better serve your international business needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you expand your international trade and investment knowledge, network and business through timely programs with expert panelists, high quality networking among potential business partners and clients, and educational opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

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Access the World Trade Center Association’s power to open doors and unlock its global potential , Afghanistan and over 90 countries.

Upcoming Event

We host national and international events, conferences, exhibitions, dialogues, as well as facilitate the participation of our members to WTC’s events around the world

We’re only ONE WEEK AWAY from the 2021 WTCA General Assembly!

Join us for the Uzbekistan Business Forum & Made in Uzbekistan Exhibition,18-20 May 2021

Join us for a “Professional Tax Calculation and Afghanistan Tax Law Training Program” on 24 May 2021

Join us for the BACTRIA FOOD 2021 TRADE FORUM AND B2B MEETING – will be held on May 25, 2021 in KHATLON TAJIKISTAN,


Join us for the “Value Added Tax (VAT) Training Program” on 6 June 2021 .

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World Trade Center Kabul Afghanistan hosted the meeting of the Afghanistan اتحادیه شرکت های مشورتی مالی Association of Financial Consultancy Companie (AFCC) on April 29, 2021
Professional Tax Calculation and Tax Law Training Program organized :Date: May 24 – 25 – 26 – 27, 2021


Value Added Tax (VAT) which is a new tax in Afghanistan and will be implement from the next financial year (21 Dec, 201). In order to Inform taxpayers regarding VAT implementation