World Trade Center Kabul

Prestigious Center For Local And International Businesses

who we are?

Founded in 2020, World Trade Center Kabul is a business organization and licensed member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) based in New York USA. WTC Kabul is a service hub for local and international businesses where people meet, discuss ideas, forge connections, and it is the prestigious center of business. As part of the network of 320+ World Trade Centers in over 90 countries, we help companies improve their export, import, investment and service performance and grow their business globally. Through our global network of WTCA which connects us to over one million affiliated businesses, we help the private sector to expand the reach and make a global impact. We work to create jobs and increase business wealth through promoting international trade and investment by providing advocacy, high-end business facilities, integrated trade services and key global contacts for local and international businesses; as well as supporting a prosperous business climate.

Being the prestigious center for local and international businesses
Empowering businesses to connect globally and prosper locally
One Global Network - Branded Business Facilities - Integrated Business Services

what we do, why you choose us?

  1. This is your World Trade Center, the hub of international commerce where business leaders and entrepreneurs come to connect, collaborate and succeed. Through our network you will be connected to over 90 countries, 320+ cities and around 1 million members.
  2. Through training courses and focused education programs, information and expert consulting, we give you the tools and experts advice to choose your markets strategically.
  3. We help you to increase revenues and operational efficiencies as you expand and to navigate regulations and trade policies so you can thrive on the global stage.
  4. We provide the gateway to new local and international business opportunities and collaboration, by hosting and organizing trade missions, matchmaking and networking events, exhibitions, and international conferences.
  5. WTC Kabul also serves as a resource hub for companies around the world seeking trade and investment opportunities in Afghanistan and in the region.

World Trade Center Kabul 2021

Anchored by a unique combination of tenants and visitors, WTC Kabul brand property will be a prestigious place for doing business. Opening end of 2021, the campus will be an iconic 5-star property consisting of a deluxe office and apart hotel complex, which include state-of-the art conference center, banquet, meeting rooms and training facilities, luxury hotel apartments and globally-themed restaurants, plug and play offices, WTC Club, pool, spa & fitness, retail shops and other facilities and amenities, as per World Trade Center standards.

It will be both the headquarters for established global companies and an incubator for aspiring global entrepreneurs and an exciting and vibrant international hub in the heart of Kabul. Your full headquarters or just your global operations wing can be here too. Choose from co-working or independent office space, and join a thriving ecosystem of like-minded businesses.

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